Single Object Datastore ™

Defining the single object datastore ™ (hereto refered to as SOD) is a special case of a database with a unary relationship.  All data in the data store shares a unique identifier which can be any unique value.  This datastore is unary because all of the relations to the unique value are 1 to 1.  Though the data may have other “relationships” the data in a SOD will always have a single unary relationship to all the other information.

Unary relations are “trivial” and have never been the concern of the relational database world.  Relational database architects have attempted to create massive data repositories with technology that fails to scale, be resilient and requires massive amounts of effort to build and maintain.

We propose the Single Object Datastore as the alternative to the worlds information management designs.

Copyright January 16, 2012 Pea Computing LLC