New personal data education site

07 Jun


We have started the web site because just like learning any new skill we need education and a way to understand the component skills we need.  We need a way to learn and have time to practice and retain those skills.  If is not apparent this world needs a completely new information management paradigm….a big change.  The Personal Data Coalition is devoted to explaining the new information management skills we need.  Please take a moment to bookmark and visit that site.

Just like the change that happened just a few years ago….the record album and the digital music player our analog world of paper, film, movies, books etc…is being converted to a digital format.  That conversion is complex and can be disruptive in ways we may not have considered.  Most computer data is stored in electronic databases or in electronic files.

Relational Database technology fails all of the tests for personal data privacy.  It is the exact opposite of personal data privacy.  Relational databases are for aggregating information and analyzing information.  They are designed by enterprises to fix enterprise problems.

PEA Computing is proposing an entirely new paradigm for information management in an architecture, called the Single Object Datastore(TM) (SODs). We are “reversing the telescope” recommending the storing of all of our personal information in a datastore that has a single unique relationship or key….a datastore for each and every one of us…thus shifting the access and control of that data to the person that “owns” that data.

We know of no other entity that is trying to develop a personal data information management system that will give the individual control of their property…their personal information.  It is a cause.  It is a mission.  It has one goal.  Protect your personal data and give you control over your information…

This is where the Personal Data Coalition comes in.  Everyone today needs to change how they view information and we need laws that acknowledge and protect our data as personal property.  Everyone talks about privacy but that is just the “tip of the ice-berg”….really.  We encourage you to think about about the future….we need to update the constitution and our laws for the digital age.

We think sharing information is a personal choice.  It is very granular and the rules for sharing change rapidly.  You need granular controls that can be modified in real-time.  Your information is very valuable.  People will pay you for your information.  Stop giving it away.

In today’s technology world….applications and data….finally….don’t have to be in the same place.  Your data should never leave your control.  Once it does, you have no idea where it might go or how it might be used.